Sunday, February 21, 2010

Indoor Pooch Park very busy!!

This past Saturday was a great day for our Indoor Pooch Park.  With the cold weather, snow and ice outside, everyone wants to visit our indoor gymnasium.  We had a bunch of newcomers this week, big and small, and everyone had a blast. 

Our Indoor Pooch Park is open every Saturday from 10am until 3PM.  Small dogs are welcome to play from 10-12pm, all dogs from 12-1pm and large dogs only from 1-3pm.

You must provide current vaccination records for Rabies and Distemper vaccines.

For more information call or visit the center or join our Meetup Group, Willow Grove Pooch Park!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Puppy Love is in the Air

On Friday February 12th, Best Friends Pet Care's Doggy Day Camp hosted a Valentine's Day Party! 

All of our campers were invited to join in the festivities.  Some even brought their friends Valentine's Day Cards and goodies to exchange.

At the end of the day all campers went home tired out with a goody bag designed just for them, filled with all of their Valentine's.  We didn't forget Mom & Dad, because who loves our campers more than their parents?  Each pup took home a special pack of conversation hearts to tell the ones they love how they feel this Valentine's Day!

Take a look at the goody bags!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Your Dog May Be More Human Than You Think

Have you ever watched your dog chase his/her tail for hours on end?  How about seen them lick or chew on their paws for no apparent reason?  Now have you ever thought that these could possibly be signs of a mental disorder?  A recent study published in the January issue of Molecular Psychiarty reports that scientists have located a gene for obsessive-compulsive disorder among certain canine breeds.

In an article posted on AOLNews, titled "Obsessive-Compulsive Gene Located in Dogs", Katie Drummond reports that the canine research suggests that some breeds, especially Dobermans and Bull Terriers, are at an exceptionally high risk. Up to 70 percent of some litters seem to have obsessive tendencies.

For more than 10 years, behaviorists at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University collected blood samples from Dobermans that exhibited compulsive behavior.  The team found that dogs exhibiting more compulsive behaviors, were more likely to express a CDH2 gene. That gene, located on chromosome 7, mediates communication between neurons in the brain. The CDH2 gene is located in the same area in humans and dogs.  

What we now know about dogs might help explain certain human disorders.  Experts are cautiously optimistic. "It's certainly true we have basically the same gene in us, so it's an intriguing lead, but there's a lot more work that has to be done to see if this particular finding is relevant to human health and obsessive- compulsive disorder," Dr. Michael Slifer, an assistant professor of human genetics and genomics at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine stated.

So the next time you see some peculiar behavior from your pet, stop and ask yourself if it could be something more than boredom or quirkiness!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ice Melter can be harmful to your pet's paws!

Most ice melters used on sidewalks and driveways contain salt which can injure your pet's paws.  The salt can irritate and burn the pads on your pet's feet.  Pets can also ingest the salt by licking their feet or may eat it right off of the ground.  If large amounts are ingested, the pet may show excessive thirst, weakness or fainting.

It's best to use a salt-free deicer.  At Best Friends, we use Gaia Enterprises Safe Paw™ Ice Melter on all of our outdoor areas to protect our doggy guests.  SafePaw is 100% salt free, non-toxic and environmentally safe. 

Safe Paw is also available to purchase in our lobby.

New Camper of the Week

Meet the absolutely adorable "Harry"!!

Harry just recently became one of our big campers in the Doggy Daycamp Program at Best Friends.  He is a 1 year old brindle and white Terrier mix.  Harry has been a wonderful addition to our camp program.  He loves to play with everyone and is a great dog!  Harry pulls his mom through the front door each time he visits us and is always so excited to see the staff members and his playmates.

Harry will be attending his first Daycamp Party this Friday for Valentines Day.  Several of the campers are bringing in cards to exchange with their friends and during the day, the Daycamp Counselors will be working with the Campers to make presents for their Moms and Dads. 

Parties in Doggy Daycamp are as much fun for the staff at Best Friends as they are for the Campers.  At the Best Friends Willow Grove center, we have had Easter Egg Hunts, Halloween Costume Parties, Holiday Pollyannas and in 2009, we had our first ever (probably the first ever ANYWHERE) Doggy Prom complete with a disco ball, decorations, music and dogs dressed up in prom gowns and tuxedos! 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Love is in the air....even at Best Friends Pet Care!!

Everyone loves Valentines Day, even the campers in our Doggy Daycamp Program.  This Friday, we will be having a Valentines Day Party for the campers.  All of the campers have received invitations and are very excited.  Several of them are even bringing Valentine's cards to exchange with their buddies!  We have several events planned for them during the day including a Kissing Booth, card exchange and a special project that each of the campers will help make for their Moms and Dads. 

Check out these photos from last year's party.....