Monday, March 22, 2010

Golden Retriever Eats $20,000 Diamond

On March 11, 2010, MyFox posted an article about a Maryland jewler's Golden Retriever with very expensive taste!

George Kaufmann brings his dog Sollie to his store, Robert Bernard Jewelers in Rockville, every day. On the evening of January 26, Kaufmann and his business partner, Robert Rosin, were meeting with a diamond dealer and were taking a look at a 3-carat stone when it fell on the floor right next to Sollie. The men watched in horror as Sollie ate it. 

The men quickly called a veterinarian to find out what they should do to retrieve the diamond.  The doctor said nature would have to take its course, so for three days Kaufmann walked Sollie hoping to find the gem in Sollie's stool.

"When we took a walk in the morning and evening I collected and went through everything. It wasn't glamorous, but you gotta do what you gotta do," Kaufmann told Fox 5.  The morning of the third day Kaufmann found the diamond, which he had cleaned and returned to the dealer.

Article from written by Will Thomas.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Camp Party

Yesterday we had a St. Paddy's Day Party for the Daycampers.  It was hilarious!  We played a game with the campers.  We set up five green hats in the camp room, only one hat had a treat under it.  Whichever camper was able to figure out which was the "Lucky Treat" hat was the winner. 

Alysse, our Manager Intern, baked all day on Tuesday and brought in special St. Patrick's Day cupcakes for all of the campers to take home with them.  The treats were a HUGE hit with everyone!

Check out these pictures from the party!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Best Friends Caption Contest Winners!

A big thank you goes out to all that stopped by our table & entered our caption contest at the Super Pet Expo a few weeks ago! Below are the finalists from our contest.

Written by Matt Seydel

Written by Michael Belmonte

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Best Friends Interview with The Cute Pet Gazette!

During the Edison Super Pet Expo Danielle the manager from our Windsor, NJ location was interviewed for the "How Cute is Your Pet" segment of The Cute Pet Gazette.  This is a great interview loaded with awesome information on Best Friends Pet Care.

Canine Massage Evening at Y2K9s

Would you enjoy having a professional massage?  Well, your canine friend does too!

What can massage do for your pet?
 Calms, relaxes or even energizes
 Reduces stress and increases focus
 Increases flexibility and range of motion
 Increases proprioceptive skills
 Restores natural gait and balance
 Relieves muscle tension and adhesions
 Soothes sore muscles and joints
 Improves skin and coat condition
 Stimulates healing properties of the body
 Acclimates your pet to overall touch

Y2K9s Dog Sports Club is hosting a Canine Massage Evening on Thursday, March 18th from 5:30PM-8:30PM. The massage lasts for 20-30 minutes.

Massages will be provided by Carol McCoy from Peaceful Paws Canine Massage. To schedule an appointment, contact Carol McCoy at or 215-453-9096.
For more information on the benefits of Canine Massage, visit the Peaceful Paws Canine Massage website.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Meet our Staff Members!!

Over the next few months, we will be introducing you to our amazing staff at Best Friends Willow Grove.  These are the caring people who take care of your pets like they were our own.  We form bonds with each and every pet that enters our facility and enjoy finding out their different personalities, favorite toys to play with, favorite treats, and much more!

We thought we would first introduce you to our Center Manager, Kelly Pike.

Kelly just celebrated her fifth year with Best Friends this month.  She first started at the Berlin, NJ facilty as Manager Intern.  When our Willow Grove center opened in July of 2005, she was promoted to Assistant Manager and transferred to this location.  In December of 2008, she became Center Manger. 

Kelly has worked in animal care facilities since she was twelve years old and says she has loved every day of it.  Kelly's favorite part of her job is "the regulars".  We have many, many pets that board at our facility several times a month and daycampers that we see three or four times each week.  Kelly says she becomes as attached to these pets as she is to her own dog and cats.

Kelly has one dog, Cassie, who she adopted from Perkiomenville SPCA.  Cassie is a Great Dane/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.  Kelly also has three black cats at home - Bob, Joey and Johnny.  They were all rescued animals as well.

Monday, March 1, 2010

New Camper of the Week

We would like the Best Friends community to meet our newest wee camper, Meka!  Meka is a two year-old Japanese Chin, the only one currently in our Doggy Day Camp program.  She has already made a ton of new friends and loves to run and play with them all.  When she gets tired, Meka curls into a ball on the bench, or on our laps.  She definitely prefers our laps!  Here is a photo of her with our Bob.

Our campers will soon be celebrating in green.  On Wednesday March 17th, Best Friends Pet Care in Willow Grove will be holding a St. Paddy's Day Party!  Meka and all of her friends can celebrate the holiday in style all day.  Check back soon for photos of all the fun!